Menopause & Reduced Libido

Help For Women Suffering Reduced Libido & Vaginal Dryness – Consultations With Qualified Doctors at CJA Balance

sexual libido problems menopause, cja balance ukLoss of libido or sex drive is a common problem that affects many women going through the menopause or post-menopause.  Of course, a a reduced libido may also be linked to relationship issues, stress, tiredness, low hormone levels, or an underlying medical problem.

If your lack of desire for sex is causing concern or affecting your relationship, please seek help from the CJA Balance doctors.  We are experts in hormone-related issues and can give advice, support and medical help, where required. 

As women approach menopausal age, they see levels of oestrogen and testosterone falling.  These hormones help control a woman’s libido and desire for sexual intercourse. 

Another side effect of the manopause is vaginal dryness which can make sexual intercourse painful and difficult.  You may have vaginal dryness if you:

  • feel sore or itchy in and around your vagina
  • feel pain or discomfort during sex
  • need to pee more often than usual
  • keep getting urinary tract infections (UTIs).

How To Treat Vaginal Dryness

The CJA Balance doctors can carry out a blood test – which can be done in the comfort of your home if you wish – to check your hormone levels.  Depending on the results, your CJA Balance doctor may prescribe HRT or TRT  to balance your hormones and testosterone levels.  

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