Low Testosterone & Low Energy

Could Low Testosterone Cause Low Energy Levels In Men? CJA Balance Investigates…

low testosterone, low energy, TRT for men at CJA Balance doctorsDid you know that low testosterone levels could be the driving force behind daily tiredness, low energy levels and general fatigue in men?

If you find yourself waking up every morning, feeling like you simply haven’t rested and your tiredness seems to be all that you can think about – then low testosterone could be the culprit.

When a man reaches his 40s, it’s natural to experience a drop in testosterone and, to some extent, in energy levels.

But if daily tiredness, fatigue and low energy levels are really getting the better of you, then you could be experiencing andropause – otherwise known as the male menopause.


Below are some symptoms of low testosterone and andropause:

●      Waking feeling exhausted (tiredness, fatigue and low energy levels)

●      Your sex life is affected and sex may become non-existent.

●      You may feel low in mood, anxious or even depressed as your low energy levels start to get the better of you.

As a result you may be using caffeine and other stimulants to keep yourself going; avoiding social situations because you feel exhausted, and feel a negative impact on your daily activities as you become less active.

Sound familiar?

CJA Balance Can Help You Recover From Low Energy & Low Testosterone Levels

Book a consultation with CJA Balance to  make sure that it IS low testosterone that is making you feel tired.  There are many medical conditions that may affect your energy levels, and lead to daily tiredness, including:

●      An underactive thyroid

●      Diabetes

●      A vItamin deficiency

●      Low testosterone levels

CJA Balance offers at-home blood tests to help pinpoint the cause of your fatigue and low energy levels. 

If it IS low testosterone that is behind things then CJA Balance can prescribe testosterone replacement therapy to put an end to your daily tiredness and other symptoms.

Read more about the symptoms of low testosterone levels here and take our quick questionnaire which gives a good indication as to whether you need medical help.

Boost Energy Levels – Eat A Healthy, Balanced Diet & Don’t Skip Carbohydrates

Have you been eating a low protein diet and avoiding carbohydrates? If so, then this may be behind fatigue and low energy levels.  Be sure to eat a balanced diet, and also look at your alcohol intake. If you find yourself drinking too much on a work night, then this could explain daily tiredness for example.

Give yourself a general health overhaul – eat well, exercise, and drink an adequate amount of water, as dehydration can also cause excessive tiredness. If you have checked things in all of these areas, and are still struggling with low energy levels, then be sure to book in with one of our GMC-registered doctors.

Increase Energy Levels – Get A Good Amount Of Sleep

It goes without saying that not getting enough sleep at night (or not sleeping soundly), could be behind fatigue and tiredness.  Make a note of how much sleep you are getting – and, if possible, how many times you wake up during the night – and then sit down and take a look at your findings.

If you spot a pattern emerging, such as waking frequently to go to the toilet, it could be down to a medical issue such as diabetes, for example.

Gathering an overall snapshot of your sleeping patterns can not only help YOU make any required adjustments, it can also be a guide for your CJA Balance doctor.

Talk To A CJA Balance Doctor About Whether Testosterone Replacement Therapy Could Help You

If all of these things have been addressed, and your CJA Balance doctor diagnoses low levels of testosterone, it could be worth getting testosterone replacement therapy to boost your energy levels.  Fairly soon after starting testosterone therapy you should notice your symptoms of fatigue and low energy levels subsiding.

Low testosterone levels are not something that you simply have to ‘put up with’, or accept as part and parcel of the ageing process. You CAN do something about it.

Talk About Your Low Energy Symptoms – CJA Balance Doctors Are Here To Help

Low energy levels due to low testosterone, can lead to low mood, depression, avoiding social situations and a flagging relationship and sex life. Be open, talk to family, friends and partners – you don’t have to suffer in silence.

By NOT talking about things, and simply accepting your fatigue and low energy levels, you run the risk of isolating yourself, losing relationships, and sinking even further down into the unhappiness that can be caused by low testosterone levels.

If you feel uncomfortable talking to family and friends, book a consultation with one of our highly trained CJA Balance doctors who are here to help.

Book A Consultation At CJA Balance To Relieve The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone Levels

If you follow a carefully constructed recovery plan that includes testosterone replacement therapy, a well- balanced diet, regular exercise, healthy sleep patterns, and have a good support network, then your low energy levels due to low testosterone should soon be a thing of the past for you.

Call CJA Balance’s testosterone experts on 01962 454788 or complete this quick and easy form to book a consultation or for more information.  You can also order an initial blood test here to check the cause of your fatigue and low energy levels.





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