Testosterone & Your Mood

Find Out How Your Testosterone Levels Can Affect Your Mood, Energy Levels & Motivation – Get Help From The Doctors at CJA Balance 

low testosterone, low energy, TRT for men at CJA Balance doctorsTestosterone levels peak in adolescence and slowly decrease after the age of 30. This is perfectly natural, but for some men the drop can be more dramatic and, if left untreated, can lead to a condition called Hypogonadism. 

Hypogonadism, or low testosterone levels, can leave a man experiencing many debilitating symptoms, including low mood, weight gain, hair loss, low libido and erectile dysfunction.  

If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, it might be worth getting your testosterone levels checked. 

CJA Balance offer a blood test to check your testosterone levels, and if your levels are found to be low, we can look at ways to help.  This might include increasing your testosterone with testosterone replacement therapy.

How Does Low Testosterone Affect Your Mood & Motivation?

Low testosterone levels can affect your mood and motivation for a myriad of reasons.  On a basic level, like with any hormonal imbalance, your mood and motivation levels will be affected because your general system is not functioning properly. Low testosterone levels can also cause lack of sleep, fatigue, anxiety and low self esteem.

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What Can Increasing Your Testosterone Levels Do For You?

Increasing testosterone levels can rev up the metabolism which helps burn more calories. Indeed, testosterone helps maintain bone density, muscle mass, sex drive, energy levels, improve your motivation levels and can help you to get better sleep.

CJA Balance can restore your testosterone balance, therefore eradicating the debilitating symptoms of low testosterone and giving you your ‘life’ back again. There really is no need to struggle with low mood and motivation. 

Gaining Weight & Losing Muscle Mass? Try Testosterone Replacement Therapy at CJA Balance 

As well as affecting your mood and confidence levels, low testosterone can also result in weight gain and a reduction in muscle mass. You may find your muscles becoming weaker, and the tone and definition disappearing. 

Celebrities such as Robbie Williams and Sylvester Stallone have openly talked about using Testosterone Replacement Therapy in order to lift their moods and maintain a healthy body weight and muscle mass. If this is something that you would like to consider, then get in touch with CJA Balance today.

The Link Between Low Testosterone, Anxiety & Depression

Changes in your appearance, such as weight gain, hair loss, muscle weakness and reduction may affect your confidence levels which can lead to anxiety or depression.   Therefore, it is important that you do not overlook your symptoms and simply write them off as a part of ageing, because there IS something that you can do about it. 

Low Testosterone Levels In Young Men

As with any kind of hormone imbalance, low testosterone levels can be something that happens due to age, but it can also occur in younger men.

Often, when symptoms such as low mood and motivation present themselves, it can be easy to write it off as depression, stress, or anxiety, particularly if you are under 30.

If you have concerns that something may be behind your low mood and motivation, and your GP has not addressed low testosterone because of your age, then the doctors at CJA Balance are here to help you. 

Improve Your Low Mood & Motivation With TRT

A low mood can be self perpetuating – low energy levels and motivation can become a vicious cycle. For example, gaining weight can be attributed to your change in hormones, but you may also be feeling too exhausted to exercise. 

The longer that this situation goes on, the worse that things can get, so seek advice and treatment as soon as possible so you can start feeling like yourself again. 

Order An At-Home Blood Test For Low Testosterone Levels From CJA Balance UK

Our CJA doctors can treat low testosterone levels with Testosterone Replacement Therapy that includes Testosterone Gel, Testosterone Injections and Implants. You can find out more about TRT Treatments here, and you can order your at home blood test for Low Testosterone Levels here. 

Feeling Fed Up & Lacking Motivation? Book A Consultation With A CJA Balance Doctor

Contact your CJA Balance doctor today to get your testosterone levels tested.  A simple blood test will help determine whether low testosterone levels are responsible for your low mood and motivation. If they are, you can take action to rebalance your testosterone levels. 

Call CJA Balance’s testosterone experts on 01962 454788 or complete this quick and easy form to book a consultation or for more information.  You can also order an initial blood test here to check the cause of your fatigue and low energy levels.

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