The Truth About TRT

Common Testosterone Replacement Therapy Myths – CJA Balance Separates The Fact From Fiction About TRT

If you are suffering from low testosterone levels and have been considering Testosterone Replacement Therapy, read our guide debunking some common myths about TRT for men…

TRT is Illegal

Testosterone has been abused by athletes and gym bunnies alike, which has given it a bad name. Due to this, there has been confusion between taking illegal steroids to bulk up and taking medication for low testosterone.

Using TRT due to a genuine medical need, under the supervision of doctors is perfectly legal, and extremely beneficial for men with low testosterone levels.

TRT Makes You Grow Breasts

Growing breast tissue in men is actually the result of excess oestrogen in the body, which leads to water retention, fat retaining in the chest area and the growth of “man boobs”

If this side effect occurs, then a medication to reduce excess oestrogen can be used alongside your TRT.

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TRT Makes You Aggressive

Whilst a common myth, there is no science to back it up. Again, this idea seems to have sprung from the confusion between steroid abuse and TRT.

TRT, when managed properly, can have a positive impact on mood, libido and energy.

I’ll Become Ripped Like a Bodybuilder

As much as we’d like this one to be true, it just isn’t.

If a bodybuilder physique came in medicine form, rather than hard work, everyone would be taking it. If you’re suffering from low testosterone, then you will struggle to “make gains” in the gym, TRT can help with that, but you won’t have a Captain America style transformation using TRT alone.

Concentration problems, tiredness and lack of energy from low testosterone all make sticking to a great diet and exercise regime difficult. Whilst you may find following a healthy lifestyle easier with the therapy, the 6-pack is still going to take some effort on your part.

TRT Will Increase My Risk of Heart Disease

Many studies have been conducted to determine whether there is any truth in the claim that TRT will increase your risk of heart disease.

Actually, the studies found that that rather than increase the risk of cardiovascular events, such as stroke and heart attack, the risk was actually lower in men who were taking testosterone replacement therapy.

My Voice Will Become Even Deeper If I Have TRT

It seems logical that, since your voice broke at the first flood of testosterone during puberty, it’ll go deeper again with hormone therapy for men.

In reality though, you’ve probably gone as deep as you’re going to go. As men age, their voices commonly get higher and weaker sounding, TRT could actually help avoid this.

TRT Will Increase My Risk of Prostate Cancer

In the past, lower levels of testosterone have been linked with lower levels of prostate cancer.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy should be avoided by those currently suffering with prostate cancer, but this does not mean that there is a link between TRT and the development of prostate cancer.

TRT Will Cure Erectile Dysfunction

TRT can certainly help with many forms of erectile dysfunction, as it can also help to boost your sex drive.

However, erectile dysfunction can be a complicated issue, with many possible causes. You should discuss your particular case with your GP and find out whether this could be TRT is right for you.

TRT Will Make Me Bald

Baldness happens due to a number of different factors, whether through environment, genetics or even stress. Some men are just prone to losing their hair. If you are one of these men, you should speak to your GP before starting testosterone replacement therapy.

If you are ‘androgen sensitive’ then TRT could potentially increase the activity of dihydrotestosterone, which affects hair follicles. Additional medication can counteract this effect.

TRT Shrinks Testicles

If you were given testosterone replacement therapy alone, the body could conclude it has enough and quit producing its own, which could lead to testicular shrinkage.

However, this is not the way that TRT works. Along with testosterone, you will be given additional medication which stimulates the body to continue production of its own testosterone, which means that there will be no testicular shrinkage.

Common TRT Myths Busted

As you can see above, the common myths of TRT can be easily debunked, and in some cases the facts are directly opposite to the fiction. If you think that you may be suffering from low testosterone levels, you should speak to a medical professional and get a blood test.

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